Friday, April 26, 2013

Solutions To Everyday Love Problems

Studies have suggested that while everyday fights may not get to you and your loved one immediately, it does eventually take its toll. You can't expect to solve all your problems with just a snap. Nonetheless, there are things you can do as an individual and as a couple to do more than just hold grudges. If you're as invested in your relationship as you believe you are, it's time to make a few small changes. Adjust to your needs and know what your partner wants. Don't expect the other person's mind to work like yours. You may not be in the same frequency all the time, but your man will certainly appreciate you if you show him respect.

You Get Into an Argument

You both blow your tops. Sure, arguments are part and parcel of every relationship, but then again, you also need to choose your battles. So what if he's into his Monday night football games? You also have your own thing. Never leave an argument feeling unsettled. Not only will you lose sleep, you'll also feel listless and uneasy while you haven't settled your issues with your man just yet. After a blowup, call a friend. Don't confront him while your tempers are flaring. Just know that most men prefer to keep their opinions to themselves. Even if they have a best friend to run to, they don't always run out the door to talk about what had just transpired. It might take him longer to recover from a tiff, which is why you also need to be careful who you share your sob stories with. Never go to a friend who loves to meddle. Remember, only two people are involved here: him and you. Open up and talk about it if you must, but remember, this isn't about getting anyone on your side. It's more on you looking for a way to feel better without having to drag anyone else into it.

If You Haven't Seen Him in a While

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but if you spend too much time apart, this could be worrisome as well. Just remember to know when your demands are reasonable. You don't need to spend every waking hour with him near you. It's more about the quality of time you have when you're together. You can make it through a couple of days without seeing him. What's more important here is that you know he's thinking about you. And when you do get to meet, be affectionate and show him how much you value his presence. This could actually be the very thing that inspires him to go out of his way to see you more often.

When Both Your Tempers are Running High

Some fights are triggered by stress. Beat burnout  by lifting each other's sprits up. Don't expect him to do all the work. Relationships are all about the give and take. You get what you put forth and also know that you can rely on yourself to feel better. Men like women who are independent. Show him that you're a strong and solid woman who wants nothing but the best for her man. If you see that he's unable to take any more stress, make him a cup of coffee and talk about more interesting things. He'll open up to you if and when he's ready, and that time will only come when he sees that you're not there to add stress to his life. In fact, he can count on you to put a smile on his face after a long and tedious day in the office.

You Don't Like Some of the People He Hangs Out with

Be it with his mom or a group of guy friends who can be obnoxious at times, value his personal time and see why he loves these people. Openly and frankly telling him that his friends are douchebags only drives the wedge deeper into your growing distance. Be civil and get to know the individuals in his life. He must love them for a reason and it's time you see and understand why he does.

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